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Food in England (ISBN 0316852058)


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Things for me to do

  1. Finish adding recipes to fruit cat
  2. Sherwood Produce recipes
  3. Mojo de Ajo (CoolChilli)
  4. Food Awards - prettify existing pages and adding new ones such as - - - - etc

Things to make

  1. Mexican_stew:_Birria
  2. Coffee granita
  3. Lavender ice-cream
  4. Tortilla chips
  5. Garlic popcorn
  6. tomato seeds
  7. Brussels sprouts with pine nuts, garlic and guindilla peppers
  8. Tortas de aceite de oliva, romero y tomillo
  9. Red cabbage and Belazu preserved lemons
  10. Scotch broth
  11. Fish stock - couldn't get the fish heads.
  12. Albóndigas de pescado (Fish balls)
  13. Ají de queso (Cheese sauce)
  14. Salsa de maní (Peanut sauce)
  15. Salsa de ají picante
  16. All Paraguayan recipes except for Caldo de calabacita (Courgette soup)
  17. Znojemska pecene (Znojmo Beef )
  18. Repasaláta (Beetroot salad)


To make for Matilda:

Chocolate and marshmallow wedges

Planned cooking

Things for me to learn

2 ways to create categories

Carete a page with the category (pagename) you want in it , ie: Create a belgian cheese page with the tag [[Category:Belgian cheeses]] and that will create a RED Belgian Cheeses cat page or Search and create a new page -> Category:Belgian cheeses

It's the leading colon (it's in the help pages) if there is no leading colon (normal behaviour) the page containing [[Category:Possums]]

joins the category Possums pages. To create a link to the Possums category, you need the leading colon [[:Category:Possums]] - the redirect for Danish cheeses was missing the leading colon.

To add a cat to RB: I have added Portuguese - any new recipe cats go in: Template:RecipeCategories

Altering templates: You cannot rename Templates, so - get the original, edit, copy text, create correct named template, copy cut text and save. Visit incorrect template and find what pages link to it. Visit all of those and rename the link to the new page, then delete the incorrect page.

To add cats to recipe builder: just edit Template:RecipeCategories and add the category in alpha order in teh same format as the other entries. These will then show on the recipe builder program and recipe builder (non-program) template.

|} (at end of tables)

E-mails sent

Unlicensed images Friends of Cookipedia template

Dual named ingredients

Right sorted - not very elegantly though:

Renamed the original cheese page to Manteca / Bitirro cheese

I have removed *all* categories from the above cheese page

The redirect pages (named Butirro chese and Manteca cheese) have all of the original categories, except for the category we DON'T want them to appear in. These redirects have no leading colon.

The cheese page has ALL categories manually added as links (leading colons) so a visitor can navigate back to categries as before (though it doesn't look quite the same as when it's in a category proper)

There is one problem I noticed, the and |} were missing from the end of that cheese page which breaks the display n some browsers. I have sorted this but it's worth checking.

Stuff to translate and make

Chiltomate Gastronomía&Cía


1 kilo de tomates grandes, 1 cebolla blanca (utilizamos cebolla dulce), 1-2 chiles (según la variedad), pimienta negra recién molida y sal.


Precalienta el horno con el grill y el ventilador a 190º C. Lava los tomates y los chiles, pela la cebolla y pon todos los ingredientes en una bandeja de cubierta con papel de hornear.

Introduce la bandeja en el horno, debes controlar cuando se han tostado los chiles para retirarlos y continuar asando los tomates y la cebolla. Cuando los tomates estén tostados y tiernos, retíralos y procede del mismo modo con la cebolla, dale la vuelta para que se tueste de forma homogénea.

Deja que se enfríen los ingredientes para poder manipularlos, pelarlos y triturar. Lo ideal es triturar la salsa chiltomate en el molcajete, pero podemos utilizar otro recipiente para empezar machacando los chiles (y el ajo si lo hemos incluido) y seguidamente los tomates, mejor algo escurridos y si se desea, retirando las semillas. Una vez obtenida una pasta no muy fina, es una salsa rústica, pica la cebolla, puedes incluirla toda o sólo una parte, y añádela a la salsa chiltomate. Salpimenta al gusto.


Sirve la salsa chiltomate sobre la carne o el plato que desees aderezar, o prséntala en una salsera para que el comensal se sirva a su gusto. ¡Buen provecho!

Questions, questions!

One of the questions is related to your cheese thermometer! Maybe you can help? Once answered, the idea is to remove {{Question}} from the talk page. You can get to Category: Question outstanding from Wanted pages (1/2 way down)

Chincho picture

Hi - I trust Maidenhead was all you hoped for!

I have been adding the ingredients for Pachamanca in olla and I have found a picture for Chincho, though it is all rights reserved. I wonder if you might use your polyglot skills and powers of persuasion to see if Jaime might let us use his picture for our page. We would obviously attribute it to him and as all rights reserved too.


--Chef 17:01, 3 September 2011 (BST)

One to try

The Five Vegetable Pasta Sauce was lovely and could probably be easily adapted for your pie-warmer :-)


Yes, I spotted that and throught along the same lines. I will get the ingredients and give it a go. Am making concentrated tomato paste at the moment. --JuliaBalbilla 13:30, 3 November 2011 (GMT)


I think adding suppliers for ingredients (and, in particular, cheese) is an excellent idea. If a supplier sell both on-line and in a shop put it in two categories so that people could list only shops or only on-line shops. If a supplier has a physical shop in a town it would be great to have a category for that so that people can list shops in a town. I am working on a list of on-line suppliers of Italian cheeses (not many, unfortunately, make deliveries abroad). --PaoloCastagna 09:05, 30 December 2011 (GMT)

Have just set up a cat. for my nearest town. Re your suppliers of Italian cheeses UK or Italy based? I think there is a general problem about shipping cheese abroad, whether to or from the UK. I suppose it is the high cost of carriage as, being perishable, they would need to be sent by express courier. I would like to see more Italian and Spanish cheeses in the UK. Where I live, we can only get Parmesan, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Marscapone and Manchego :-(

Pasta cooking times

Just added a few more times to the pasta cooking times page as it is complete but for a few missing times.

I have worked the remaining out (bar one) but want to run them past you before I commit :-)

Dischi volante 10 to 12 minutes

Sconcigli 10 to 12 minutes

Vermicelli nests 5 to 7 minutes

Zoo pasta 8 to 10 miutes

Riccioli 9 to 11 minutes

Ruote tricolore 8 to 10 miutes

Tacconelli - NO IDEA !!!!

--Chef 17:53, 23 January 2012 (GMT)

Tacconelli - 13 minutes and have added it. I think what you have worked out is fine, apart from vermicelli nests, which i would say 5 mins max. A lot of this pasta I bought and binned the wrappers before I started this page. Have so much more pasta in the house that I need to add but obviously cannot photo until I use it. Am trying to eat through the pasta we have that has been opened at the moment before I start on the rest.

BTW, I may seem rather quiet over the next week or 10 days as will be working on some family history (unpaid:-))for MFA(ie her father's Irish side of her family). It is a bugger, as the majority of Irish records were destroyed in 1922 by a bomb which hit the Irish equivalent of what used to be Somerset House in London. BTW, Apples says "You know where you can shove your Crayfish, advocado and grapefruit salad"!!! Je je, je. I WILL sneak some fruit into his food one day :-) xx JB

Thermomix recipes

As you know I hate to have missing pics on the recipes.

Would you mind if I add your Thermomix pic. in place of the 'missing images' so we have something there?

If that's ok, I'll add the image as Thermomix_recipes_missing_picture.jpg (or similar) and copy your pic to that name. that way we can view Thermomix_recipes_missing_picture.jpg and check 'what links here' to see the Thermomix recipes missing pics.

I've been quiet as far as adding pages etc but working full time on system stuff which hopefully will begin to bear fruit with more visitors.

I see a new contributer - hurrah!

--Chef 18:28, 16 February 2012 (GMT)

Oh yes, that's fine. There are a lot more recipes to come and whilst I will make as many of them as I can it will be some time before I can do that. As it is winter, my tasks are to complete the cheeses without text and translate these Spanish TM recipes. People on the TMX forum are making some, but trying to get them to take a pic is almost impossible. Most of the forum members are Australians and I know from their comments that it is very hot there ATM, so maybe taking pics is not on their list of priorities. Oddly enough the forum was set up by a chap in Portugal who comes from Farmcote, a tiny village overlooking Hailes Fruit Farm and I used to know his sister (Sorry, if I have told you this before).

Yes, I have noted that you have being doing a lot of computery things (which are beyond me). I spotted the new contributor and like the look of her recipe as well and might try to convert it for TMX at some stage. Hopefully she will continue to contribute!

Gloucester cheeses


Stupid me - twice now I have forgotten to add the greaseproof under the beans. The I have to spend 15 minutes picking red-hot beans out of the pastry. I thought the pic might remind me next time!!

Sent this email twice now but got no reply so wonder if it's being blocked by one of our email systems so will post here:

Hi there

Not had a reply from you on this one but did on my last email so wonder if this one slipped through the net.

I enclose the text from the two emails in case you are not able to read them in email format:


Visitors email = Message: Single Gloucester Cheese The PDO for Single Gloucester Cheese is not quite as you indicate. The cheese must be made in Gloucestershire on a farm with a herd of Gloucester Cattle. We now have a website, so please could you add the links to where you quote Charles Martell & Son Ltd or "Martell" of Dymock. Thanks very much Richard for Charles Martell & Son Ltd

Referring page:


Visitors email = Message: The grey spotty rind is a natural mould that grows on the cheese during maturation, not from ash. Double Gloucester also uses annatto to get the more even orange colour, but the mottled appearance is due to differences in the recipe.

I hope this helps Richard Dunnett for Charles Martell & Son Ltd

Referring page:

Original Message -----

From: Jerry Pank To: ~Rosemary Potter Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 10:01 AM Subject: Down your way...


Doing a quick CP tinker whilst Annie horses about, then back to decorating!

I have these two emails regarding some cheeses from your area. I thought it best to run them past you first and maybe you can make the changes or confirm that they are ok and I will make them.

The clue to the cheese is in the 'referring page' in the post amble.



OK, leave it to me. I spotted that Martell had finally got himself a website. I'll let you know when I have done it. No I hadn't received an e-mail from you. Am a bit dopey ATM having had to take my sciatica tablets this morning ... JB xx

Recipe summary

Well, British recipes section is now complete (bar the Thermomix recipes which I'll tackle at the end :-). It's only taken a month or so !

I spotted one that I wonder if you can help me with: Mince pies (2). I've added a work in progress as there is no temperature, cook time or servings. Could you fill in the blanks if you get a moment?

PC has arrived and I have cooked water to test. No hissing and no leaks. Looks stylish. Can't wait to play, thanks for the inspiration. A birthday steak and kidney pud tomorrow methinks!

xx JP

Well done re British recipes! Re mince pies 2 - I never did make them. I made the mincemeat only as TBH Apples and I aren't really into sweet stuff. The recipe should really be changed to mincemeat. I will rename and do the necessary. Glad you are pleased with your PC and let me know how it works. Have a great day and enjoy your steak & kidney (yuk!) pud ... JB xx

Pic of the moment (sic)

Thought I would have a go a livening up the 'home-page' a little as it's such a big hitter (> 523,478 page views - that's a lot of views!). It has a random feature already so as well as adding it little more info I have included a template: {{Template:FrontPageSplash}} which can be chosen by anyone, read you or I. As we already have a random (15 minute) change on the bottom feature, I thought we should leave this one on for much longer. Around 2 weeks? Ideally should be a great picture that links to an equally good article or recipe - (recipe summary should be complete if it's a recipe, I feel). Useful to highlight a current project. Need to ensure we use our images for this spot. Feel free to change it once it's had its 2 weeks. Put yours up becuse the pic stood out so well. --jerry.pank 16:44, 2 July 2012 (BST)

Good idea re brightening up home page and am flattered to see my Chicken Kiev pic on there:-) Probably will get little or nothing done on CP today has have been to Chelt to meet mother, aunt (the eccentric one) and sister for lunch. Bought 40 bulbs garlic, some nice cheese and some chillies. Am trying a TM recipe for Tabasco sauce tomorrow. You are supposed to use Habaneros or Scotch Bonnets, but cannot get the blighters anywhere ATM, not even online. However, a friend is off to Barbados on Wednesday and she will try to get some there for me. I am pretty knackered ATM - Cheltenham always makes me tired for some reason --JuliaBalbilla 17:31, 2 July 2012 (BST)

Arroz tapado


(still!) going through all of the recipes adding the recipe summary and have a query about Arroz tapado. As far as the meat, the recipe is a little ambiguous as to how it is prepared / cooked. Does the meat go in raw or is it cooked and for how long. If you could peek at the recipe and maybe add the missing steps it would be very helpful. X --Jerry, aka Chef

Ha, you've done it again! Not my recipe, was added by you big grin, so I don't know original source. From just reading the recipe I imagine you add the meat raw and then cook. Having looked at various recipes on the net, it seems you cook for about 8-10 minutes, constantly stirring. If necessary I can translate a recipe for you which gives more detailed instructions. I never add recipes with Imperial / Cup measurements, unless it is a 'Historic Recipe', in which case I give quantities in metric as well, lol. --JuliaBalbilla 19:46, 14 July 2012 (BST) xx

Doh! Will have to check next time. I drop into robot-mode when doing the summaries and assume that anything remotely Spanish sounding is yours! Apologies and thanks xx --Jerry, aka Chef

Image size restrictions


As we have had a few occasions where an oversized image has crashed the server, I have added a restriction that can no longer be overridden. It was possible to ignore the warning of an oversized image and then crash the server anyway.

The solution is not very graceful - if the image is too big it will fail with an error superimposed on the screen - not a proper error system, but the most important thing is that it won't break the server anymore. xx JP

The recipe syntax has been changed

I have now completed all of the microformat markup work so that our recipes will contain the correct microformat markup and we should get nice illustrated Google listings.

I have changed the syntax on all Cookipedia's recipes and the recipe builder now adds them automatically.

There is a new help page (not great - I'm useless at this kind of thing):

It covers the differences and I hope it explains everything.

It means that all of the our recipes are now machine readable, see the butternut squash example on Google's testing tool:

If you have any problems let me know - You can see the changes on any current recipe.


We're quite bit in the antipodes and I've now had requests for an Australian category - I see a Kangaroo picture coming... :-)

Do you have any? (recipes, not kangaroo pictures)

xx JP It strikes me as being fusion type cooking from Europe and the Far East. I do have several Australian Women's Weekly cookery books, if that is any help, but not sure how authentic they are ... Well done re getting the photos to show up on searches :-)

JB xx

Shhh., they'll hear you. :-)

Suggested to start with:

  • Damper.
  • ANZAC biscuits.
  • Pavlova.
  • Lamingtons.
  • Meat pies.
  • Pasties.
  • Scallop pies.

And we already have Vanilla slice... :-)

Have removed the 'offending' sentence and had to look up what ANZAC biscuits and Lamingtons are. My AWW books tend to cover savoury food only, BUT coincidentally someone from Spain sent me an e-book on bread making this evening and there is a recipe for Damper in it. It is in Spanish of course and I can translate, but I have a feeling that the book was originally written in English. I wonder if the Australian people want to be able to add recipes of their own?? Also I will put a message for the people on the TMX forum (most of whom are from Australia) to see if they have any typical recipes we can add. A few of them are aware of CP, so may be willing to contribute. It might worth adding an Australian cat, as they are probably feeling a bit left out! New Zealand too I expect ...

MFA has an Australian cousin who is a qualified chef and worked for their Navy. However, he is now all Hare Krishna and travels around the world spreading love and peace. He is contactable via FB, but doubt if he would be of much use. I also have a cousin who is a chef (trained at the Intercontinental in London) and flits between NZ and OZ so MAY be of some help.

JB xx

That sounds really good. I too have a friend in Oz (and one in NZ too - though one at a time!)

I still have a number of full days system maintanence left to do. Once that's over I'll look to start the Oz cat.

-- X JP

Photographing food

User:Nik devlin 2 sent me this link after we had been discussing food photos :-)

Must-have kitchen toys

  1. Stellar Refillable (Butane) Zinc Alloy Cooks Torch (Harts of Stur)
  2. More Swiss Diamond pans (The Saucepan / The Frying Pan)
  3. More knives (Wusthof Classic Ikon) (Richmond Cookshop) - Bread knife a priority
  4. More Mermaid roasting tins (Amazon or Harts of Stur)
  5. Sieves!!!!!!!!!!!! (Only have a chinois :-( ) (Debenhams)
  6. New Kilo Kitchen heavy duty stainless steel potato chipper chunky chips fries (EBay)
  7. 6 more dehydrator trays
  8. Silicone mats for DH trays - now have 2 but need more!

Oh dear - my dyslexia again. A double take on the last entry, I thought you had put down Slaves :-) Jerry, aka Chef

Ha, ha, could do with one of those as well! --JuliaBalbilla 15:32, 24 December 2012 (UTC)

Vacuum packed flour

All 500g batches but final one was 1.294 kg

Onion powder

I just wondered if you had ever tried making onion powder? Standard Internet recipe below.

  • Peel and finely chop your onions.
  • spread the onion pieces out on a tray and heat in a 150 degree oven or in a food dehydrator until dry.
  • Tip: The onions are dry when you can easily crumble the chopped pieces in your hand.
  • Allow the onions to cool. Then, grind with a coffee grinder, spice mill, food processor or mortar and pestle until you reach your desired consistency.

--Jerry, aka Chef (talk) 08:57, 15 November 2013 (UTC)

Freezing and food safety

Wondering why food that has been frozen and improperly defrosted is unsafe to eat. I'm not sure that I know. I'm guessing that it's because when its cooked, it may not be heated to a temperature that will kill bacteria. I would speculate that bread that is improperly defrosted would be no more dangerous to eat than an ice lolly, but I can't find a definitive reference for either theory. Can you help? --Jerry, aka Chef (talk) 12:15, 20 March 2014 (GMT)

Basic food hygeine courses don't really go into too much detail about this, apart from defrost properly before cooking or some parts of the food may not be heated sufficiently, as you have said above. This is true, but only relative because a lot depends on the temperature and the length of time you have cooked the food.

Most bacteria are killed upon reaching an internal temperature of 54.5C, so provided ALL of the item is at least that temp., you are safe, irrespective of how badly it has been defrosted. This is why Heston can get away with cooking a chicken at 60 degrees. It just takes longer to get to that safety point. Salmonella will take 15 minutes to be killed at 54.5C, but raise the temperature to 65.5C and it will take just 30 seconds! You can cook things straight from frozen, but reduce the temp and increase the time and it will be fine. Of course bread which is badly defrosted wont harm you as it is not susceptible to the problems that we have with meat etc, and we eat uncooked bread anyway. Not sure if I have answered your question, but do say if i haven't --JuliaBalbilla (talk) 16:56, 20 March 2014 (GMT)

A perfect answer. Thanks. Not sure why I didn't see this b4. My bad. x --Jerry, aka Chef (talk) 14:29, 1 April 2014 (BST)

Molecular gastronomy‎ - images for ingredients

Thanks for adding all of the ingredients for the Molecular gastronomy‎ articles.

I know I've been quite firm about images for articles in the past, but I am far more relaxed about these ingredients. In most cases, an image of the molecular structure of Maltodextrin, for example, does not really provide any enlightenment in a culinary sense! You might have notice that I have been equally relaxed with some of the vitamins and minerals for the same reason. My apologies for not filling you in on this change!

For this reason, I'm removing the wanted image tag and also removing the image tag from those recent additions. An image can always be added at a later date if we think it might enhance an article, but as it currently sits, the articles look unfinished with the missing image tags et al.

I hope thats ok with you.



nb: For some reason the versawhip image was completely crashing cookipedia (if the page was viewed as it could never create the thumbnail for some reason).

All image tags and reminders have been removed wit the exception of the image on Whipping syphons as I guess you plan to add that at some point.


OK,that's fine. I do have quite a few of these additives, so do you want me to photograph the actual ingredient as and when I open them? Yes, I will take a photo of the syphon, possibly this afternoon. Belted down with rain yesterday and going to Chelt this morning for chiro. Need to photograph it outside really as house so dingy :-( JB xx

weather and photos

From the forecast I saw today, it seems your weather is on its way here. Currently its full sun and lovely, but I don't suppose it will last. :-(

If you can take photos, that would be great. I've included the (now missing) image tag to make it easy to copy and paste from a normal page view.

[[Image:imagename.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Image description]]

Hope all goes well in Cheltenham.

x JP

Heston fan


Hope you've recovered from the disco :-)

Thanks for the last few historic recipes, I trust you're dressing up to make them.

Had a new user request that I thought you might be interested in, her page explains all. User:Sue_spins

All the best


Yes, she's right and I have amended and replied. I am going to be adding quite a few 'historic' recipes because for the past few months I have been thinking about working my way through references to food in Agatha Christie's crime stories and the equivalent films / TV episodes and looking for possible matching recipes in old cookery books etc. The two I have put up so far are in the middle of being made to make sure they taste reasonable as some old recipes can be very bland and of course some of the stories were written during the Depression, WWII etc thus rationing and availability of ingredients have to be considered. I have removed all the old stuff from my much neglected blog and will be putting the recipes on that too, in addition to notes on the stories. It's certainly made me realise just how lucky we are to have the range and quantities of ingredients that we do nowadays! And also how tastes have changed so much - not a clove of garlic in sight in old British cookery books :-( JB xx

JP> That sounds a great idea. I have a couple of wartime cookbooks and notes, much of it never sounds very nice due to the basic lack of ingredients in those days - like my mum's Mock bananas! 1 clove of garlic was very brave back then! Having said that, most recipes haven't changed that much since long before those days.

PS Annoyingly the discos are a fact of life at this time of year, but living in a residential area near the beach and with several hotels, it is only to be expected I suppose :-(

JP> Yes - I'm surprised it's not more often that it is. I know when we used to book the big one on the front, with obligatory disco, they wre fully booked most of the year at weekends.