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Rosemary aka JuliaBalbilla
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Please visit my food blog, Julia Balbilla's Culinary Jottings


my history blog about a small Cotswold town, Julia Balbilla's Winchcombe Jottings

General info

I am Rosemary, aka JuliaBalbilla, and my husband Mike and I are extremely fond of cooking. Mike even has his own chef's uniform and doesn't he look a prat :-). We live in the Cotswolds where there is an abundance of fresh vegetables and locally produced meat.

When I am not messing about with food I spend a lot of time doing various Open University courses, mainly classics and history related.

Favourite chefs:

Mike: Gordon Ramsay

Rosemary: Gary Rhodes, José Andrés, Thomasina Myers, Elizabeth David

Favourite food:

Mike: Serrano ham, chicken, eggs, game, curry, paprika, lamb, fish, garlic, garlic and garlic

Rosemary: Garlic, smelly cheese (except goats'), garlic, olives, garlic, salad, garlic, olive oil, garlic, rice, garlic, watercress and even more garlic

Food dislikes:

Mike: Cheese, olives, capers

Rosemary: Meat, fish, mushrooms, goats' cheese, squash, okra, overcooked vegetables

Favourite music:

Mike: Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Saxon, Metallica, Led Zeppelin

Rosemary: Led Zeppelin, ELO, King Crimson, Kinks, Uriah Heep, Radio Tarifa, Bach, Wagner, Bruch, Pergolesi, Handel, Curved Air, Victor Jara and many more too numerous to list.