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Freshly popped sweetcorn

In this category you will find recipes for flavoured popcorn, most of them spicy popcorn recipes. They almost all use the basic plain popcorn recipe as a base. If you have trouble sourcing popping corn, try your local health-food store. Our local Waitrose stocks popping corn in various sized packets.

Useful tips

When popping corn, heat the oil to almost smoking, throw in just a few kernels of popping corn, replace the lid and wait for them to pop. Once they have, your oil is at temperature and ready to go - add the rest of the kernels.

If your flavour-source is dry, eg; the likes of: ginger powder, salt, sugar etc, then you can just shake them over the popped corn and serve immediately. If your flavour-source is moist, eg; the likes of: soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice etc, then you will need to roast the popcorn in a low oven (150° C - 300° F - gas 2) for about 10 minutes so it can dry out and crisp up again. Otherwise you'll just have soggy mush.

Quite a useful source for popcorn recipes [here].

Dried popping corn to popped corn

I did a little experiment to work this one out, the chickens are eating popcorn this morning!

How much popcorn does 75 g of dried popcorn make? 2 litres.

Dried popping corn   Popped corn
37.5 g   1 litres
75 g   2 litres
112.5 g   3 litres
150 g   4 litres
187.5 g   5 litres
225 g   6 litres
262.5 g   7 litres
300 g   8 litres
337.5 g   9 litres
375 g   10 litres

How much does one cup of dried popping corn weigh?

Estimated US cup to weight equivalents:

Ingredient US Cups Grams Ounces
Popping corn dried kernels
200 grams 7 ounces

Conversion notes:

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