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Cover with a spatter screen then you can see exactly when it's all popped
Freshly popped sweetcorn

In this category you will find recipes for flavoured popcorn, most of them spicy popcorn recipes. They almost all use the basic plain popcorn recipe as a base. If you have trouble sourcing popping corn, try your local health-food store. Our local Waitrose stocks popping corn in various sized packets.

Useful tips

When popping corn, heat the oil to almost smoking, throw in just a few kernels of popping corn, replace the lid and wait for them to pop. Once they have, your oil is at temperature and ready to go - add the rest of the kernels.

If your flavour-source is dry, eg; the likes of: ginger powder, salt, sugar etc, then you can just shake them over the popped corn and serve immediately. If your flavour-source is moist, eg; the likes of: soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice etc, then you will need to roast the popcorn in a low oven (150° C - 300° F - gas 2) for about 10 minutes so it can dry out and crisp up again. Otherwise you'll just have soggy mush.

Quite a useful source for popcorn recipes [here].

Use a spatter guard

A spatter guard is a great way to see when the popcorn is done, without filling the kitchen with popcorn!.

Dried popping corn to popped corn

I did a little experiment to work this one out, the chickens are eating popcorn this morning!

How much popcorn does 75 g of dried popcorn make? 2 litres.

Dried popping corn   Popped corn
37.5 g   1 litres
75 g   2 litres
112.5 g   3 litres
150 g   4 litres
187.5 g   5 litres
225 g   6 litres
262.5 g   7 litres
300 g   8 litres
337.5 g   9 litres
375 g   10 litres

How much does one cup of dried popping corn weigh?

Estimated US cup to weight equivalents:

Ingredient US Cups Grams Ounces
Popping corn dried kernels
200 grams 7 ounces

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