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Toasted cashews

Toasting is browning food by exposure to a dry heat. This may be by using a toaster, grilling, broiling or cooking over an open fire or a barbecue. Toasting is also a common method of making stale bread palatable. Toast is often served with butter, cheese, or any number of other toppings. Toast is a typical breakfast food.

Toasting nuts and seeds and spices

Toasting nuts, seeds and spices brings out an enhanced flavour that is retained even when they are further cooked.

To toast nuts, seeds or spices, heat a small frying pan on a medium stove-top, add the nuts, seeds or spices, leave them for a very short while so they toast a little, shimmy the pan a bit, leave it again for 30 seconds or so, shimmy again, repeat until they are cooked to your liking. Then spread them out on a large plate so they can dry properly or they will be damp and soft. Remove them immediately as they will continue to cook in the pan and may burn. Some nuts, such as almonds, are inedible once burnt.