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Thousand Island dressing

Thousand Island dressing is a salad dressing (a variant of Russian dressing), commonly made of mayonnaise, ketchup, tabasco and finely chopped vegetables, most often pickles, onions, sweet peppers, and green olives; chopped hard-boiled egg is also common.

The dressing is used both in salads and burgers and as a sauce on sandwiches or seafood, especially in fast-food restaurants. It tastes (and appears to be) very similar to fry sauce , a 'simpler' version of thousand island dressing commonly used in fast food outlets.

1000 Island dressing recipe variations

Selective recipe notes below have been taken from Barry Popik's blog

15 January 1914, Chicago Daily Tribune, pg. 11: Thousand Island Salad Dressing.

Four tablespoons good mayonnaise, four tablespoons whipped cream, two tablespoons tarragon vinegar, juice of one-half lemon. Add one hard boiled egg, half a pimento, and a little chives minced together and mix well. - Kindness E. T. C.

20 February 1914, Chicago Daily Tribune, pg. 11:

Thousand Island Dressing.

"I give up in despair if this recipe which I inclose (sic) does not appear in this corner. I sent the same to you three or four weeks ago and have looked for it in every day's paper, as I read your request for it. To my great surprise a second request came a day or two ago. I try again:

Thousand Island dressing:

One tablespoon of red peppers, one tablespoon of chives, one tablespoon of onion, two tablespoons of chili sauce, a dash of paprika, four tablespoons of cooked salad dressing, two tablespoons of whipped cream, one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of vinegar. Chop first three articles before measuring: add chili sauce and dressing, then vinegar and oil and whipped cream. Beat well and serve on lettuce or tomatoes. G. H. N."

And probably the last appearance of the celebrated variform "dressing." By good rights it should not show itself again this year. I insert it to save a respected member from "despair."

12 August 1914, Syracuse (NY) Herald, pg. 10, col. 5:

It is a very agreeable sauce, or even a relish, and will do nicely to mix with mayonnaise dressing for the Thousand Island salad dressing, or what ir sometimes called cardinal mayonnaise or Portugaise, etc.

8 July 1914, Iowa Recorder (Greene, Iowa), pg. 7, col. 2:

Thousand Isle Dressing

From the number of salad dressings bearing this name one must be named for each island. The dressing is a simple French dressing as above with the addition of chopped onion, celery, peppers with some catsup; in fact, anything may be added and named a Thousand Isle dressing.

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