No kneading whole grain bread recipe

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This recipe needs advance preparation!

No kneading whole grain bread recipe
No kneading whole grain bread recipe

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60% wholemeal / 30% yellow cornmeal with poppy seeds
Servings:Servings: 10 - Makes one loaf
Calories per serving:515
Ready in:1 day, 1 hour, 40 minutes
Prep. time:1 days, 40 minutes
Cook time:1 hour
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:8th March 2013

The simple recipe was recommended to me by one of our Chilean visitors. It does not use a breadmaker and requires no kneading. If you have not tried breadmaking before and have little or no breadmaking equipment, start with this recipe!


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Mise en place

  • Bear in mind you need to leave the dough for 24 hours before baking.


  1. Combine the yeast and a pinch of sugar with a few tablespoons of lukewarm water, cover and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes
  2. To aerate the flour, flour into a large bowl. Tip any whole grains back into the bowl after sifting.
  3. Add the yeast and butter to the flour then pour in 1.25 to 1.5 cups of lukewarm water.
  4. Mix with clean hands until roughly blended, it should be quite sticky and not too dry. Adjust with extra water or flour if needed.
  5. Cover with plastic-wrap and leave in a warm place for 24 hours.
  6. After 24 hours, air bubbles from the yeast activity should be obvious and the dough should be tacky but not so runny that it can't be moulded. If it is to liquid, you can rescue by adding a little more flour and leaving it to rise for another hour or so.
  7. Fold the poppy seeds into the dough.
  8. Roll in cornmeal and with floured hands, carefully place in a lightly greased loaf tin. A Pyrex bowl is a fine alternative if you don't own a loaf tin.
  9. Cover with a damp towel and leave to rise again in a warm place for a few hours.
  10. Preheat the oven to 190° C (375° F - gas 5)
  11. Place in the centre of the oven, taking care not to knock or it will collapse.
  12. Bake for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. If it still looks 'damp' it is probably not yet done. When it's properly cooked it should sound hollow when tapped.
  13. Allow to rest on a cooling rack for an hour or so before slicing.


Try any variety of nuts or seeds in place of the poppy seeds.

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