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We do quite a lot of bread baking here and in the summer finding a warm place to leave the dough to rise or prove is quite easy as we have a conservatory that is usually at an ideal temperature. However, we choose to have no central heating so in the winter finding somewhere ideal is often difficult. Until I came up with the following idea:

The conservatory is an idea place to prove bread in the summer

Use your oven to prove your dough

I've found that if I put the large oven on full for 5 minutes and then switch it off, the temperature is ideal for rising dough. Put a timer on so you don't forget, as you only want it on for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Because it is already well sealed thermally, it seems to keep the heat for many hours. If it does start to cool down you can always pop it back on for another few minutes.

Your oven may need more or less time to get warm. Test it first - it should feel comfortably warm not hot - about 30° C (86° F).

Also make sure that you leave enough room for the dough to rise without touching the top or sides of the oven.

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