Burton Sous Vide Water Bath

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Burton 13L Water Oven (Sous Vide Tools Uk)

Burton Sous Vide Water Bath

The Burton® 13Litre Water Oven has been manufactured in the UK to the highest standard. Manufactured in stainless steel it has a solid and contemporary design. Accuracy and consistency is guaranteed through the UK manufactured PID controller, that controls the temperature to within 0.2°C, meaning perfectly cooked food time after time.It also features a low water level protection, meaning should you accidentally turn the water bath on empty or allow the water level to drop below the minimum required the water oven will shut off and sound an alarm ensuring the water oven remains undamaged.

As standard our water oven includes a pouch rack that has been designed to ensure food items are kept below water level at all times.

Sous vide (pronounced ‘soo-veed’) is a culinary technique which dramatically simplifies food preparation as well as delivering more consistent and evenly cooked results than conventional cooking methods. With minimal effort, you can come home to gourmet-quality meals every day!

Sous vide cooking involves vacuum-sealing food in special pouches, and then cooking them in a water bath at a very precise and consistent temperature; the Burton® Water Oven system makes the process about as simple as making toast. You just season the food, seal it in a vacuum pouch, set the time and temperature and leave it to simmer in the water bath until it tells you it’s ready to serve.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a professional chef, the Burton® Water Oven system will have you serving up gourmet cuisine with remarkable ease, and all from an appliance around the size of a domestic bread warmer – so it uses up minimal space on your counter top and is easy to store away when you’re not using it.

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