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Vacuum sealer container in use

Vacuum sealer canisters

Vacuum sealer containers are a great way to store food and keep it as fresh as possible. Used in conjunction with a vacuum sealer, the containers are similar to Lock & Lock type lidded containers except they have a receptacle in the top that accepts a vacuum hose from a vacuum sealer. This enables most of the air to be removed from the container which delays deterioration of the food inside. They have an added advantage over vacuum sealer bags in that they are washable and constantly reusable.

Marinating in a vacuum sealed container

Marinading foods in a vacuum bag or container speeds up the marinating process as the vacuum forces the marinade into the meat or fish. The advantage of a vacuum sealed container over a vacuum sealed bag is that the marinade does not get sucked into the vacuum sealer during the sealing process.

Where can I buy a vacuum sealer pipe?

My original Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Sealer Machine never had a vacuum sealer hose and I had struggled to find a supplier for one. Then I discovered that every [Fresher Pack Vacuum Canister] comes complete with a free vacuum pipe which fits the Andrew James sealer and many other manufacturers. I suspect they all use a similar standard system.

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