Tex-Mex fried pork

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Tex-Mex fried pork
Tex-Mex fried pork

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Spicy fried pork


Perfect with chips 🐷🍟🐷🍟🐷🍟.

The Judge
Fried, spicy and crunchy
Servings:Serves 4
Calories per serving:175
Ready in:2 hours 20 minutes
Prep. time:2 hours
Cook time:20 minutes
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:23rd October 2012

Try this pork recipe for Mexican-style fried pork, using the best cut of pork and your favourite chillies.


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Seasoned flour


  1. Mix together, the vinegar, garlic, chillies, salt and pepper, lemon juice and a splash of olive oil and mix to a thin marinade.
  2. Coat the pork steaks with the marinade, refrigerate and allow to infuse for at least 2 hours.
  3. Add the two flours, the taco mix to a shallow dish and mix well to combine
  4. # You can omit the taco mix but it would be a shame as it gives the coating a homemade 'Kentucky-fried' flavour.
  5. Dip both sides of the steaks into the seasoned flour
  6. Knock off any excess flour and dip into the beaten egg, then back into the seasoned flour.
  7. Again, knock off any excess flour.
  8. Fry in a little olive oil until the pork is properly cooked and golden brown on both sides.
  9. Pat any excess oil off on a kitchen towel.

Serving suggestions

Serve with yellow rice and tomato salsa.

Chef's note

If you can't get Masa harina then use yellow cornmeal instead.

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