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A flatbread is a simple bread made from flattened dough. Many flatbreads are unleavened (made without yeast) or sourdough culture. They can range from one millimeter to a few centimeters thick. Flatbread was already known in Ancient Egypt and Sumer. Flatbreads are ofter cooked on a griddle or tava. A pizza stone is a good equivalent for the home cook. The is a non-exclusive list of flatbread recipes. Included are some leavened breads such as pizzas, which are not flatbreads in the truest sense, but included for convenience.

  • Aish Mehahra (Egypt)
  • Arepa (Colombia, Venezuela)
  • Bammy (Jamaica)
  • Barbari bread (Persian)
  • Bazlama (Turkey)
  • Bhakri (India)
  • Bhatura (India)
  • Bing (China)
  • Bolanee (Stuffed flatbread) (Afghanistan)
  • Casabe (South America, Caribbean)
  • Chapati (India)
  • Crêpe (France)
  • Crisp bread (Nordic)
  • Flammkuchen (France)
  • Flatbrød (Norway)
  • Flatkaka (Iceland)
  • Focaccia (Italy)
  • Green onion pancake (China)
  • Injera (Ethiopia, Eritrea)
  • Khanom buang (Thailand)
  • Laobing (China)
  • Lavash (Eastern Mediterranean)
  • Laxoox (Somalia)
  • Lefse (Nordic)
  • Luchi (East India and Bangladesh)
  • Malooga (Yemeni)
  • Mandezi (Africa)
  • Markook (Levant)
  • Matzo (Jewish)
  • Naan (Central and South Asia)
  • Nan (Uzbekistan)
  • Non (Tajikistan)
  • Ngome (Mali)
  • Opłatek (Poland)
  • Pancake (Canada, United States, Britain and Ireland)
  • Pane carasau (Sardinia)
  • Papadum (India, Sri Lanka)
  • Paratha (India, Sri Lanka)
  • Piadina (Italy)
  • Pide (Turkey)
  • Pita (Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East)
  • Pizza (Italy)
  • Podpłomyk (Poland)
  • Puri (India)
  • Roti (Central and South Asia)
  • Rieska (Finland)
  • Sacramental bread (Roman Catholic and some Protestants)
  • Sangak (Persian)
  • Taftoon Bread (Persian)
  • Tortilla (Mexico)
  • Tunnbröd (Sweden)
  • Yufka (Turkey)

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