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This recipe requires preparation in advance!

A sweet treat, these doughnut style twists are very Yum Yum indeed.

Servings:Serves 7-8
Calories per serving:189
Ready in:1 day, 30 minutes
Prep. time:1 day
Cook time:30 minutes
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:27th March 2013

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Donuts, but not as we know them


Strange looking donuts, but tasty.

Paul R Smith


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  1. Weigh out the flour, salt and mix well. If you are using instant yeast then add it after you've mixed in the salt and mix again.
  2. Warm the water in the microwave and add the sugar, mix then add the yeast, mix again and leave for a few minutes until its a little frothy on top, do the next step whilst you're waiting. If you're using instant yeast just add the sugar to the water and then add to the flour once you've added the butter.
  3. Slice/Dice the chilled butter into thin slices and then cut each slice into roughly 1 cm squares and add these to the flour but DON'T rub them in you want them to remain as small chunks of butter in the flour. Its simpler to add them as you cut them into squares, drop separately into the flour and coat in flour so you don't get a big blob of butter squares
  4. Add the water/yeast/sugar mix and the egg to the flour and mix using a wooden spoon until begins to come together, then, use your hands to mix until your dough has mopped up all the flour, you don't need to knead or work the dough, just bring it all together into a ball.
  5. Cover the bowl with cling film and rest for at least half an hour at room temperature or overnight in the fridge (best).
  6. Flour a work surface and roll the dough out into a rectangle rectangle. Fold both ends into the middle, then fold ends into middle again, book style.
  7. Roll out again and repeat the whole folding process until the lumps of butter have disappeared, you'll probably need to fold about 5 times.
  8. Wrap the dough in cling film and place in the fridge for 1-2 hours rest.
  9. Once rested, roll the dough out on a floured surface into a big rectangle roughly 30x15cm
  10. Cut the dough into strips of around 15x3cm, don't make them too thin, they should be at least 1cm thick.
  11. Cut each strip down the middle leaving 1cm at each end, gently separate the two sides to give you a long rectangular O-shape.
  12. Twist this round into a Yum Yum shape, twist middle loose sections by 90 degrees and lift right over left.
  13. Leave to rest on non-stick baking liner (or a greased baking tray) in a warm place until doubled in size, this should take around 1-2 hours depending on the temperature.
  14. Once they've doubled in size and look nice and puffy then turn on the deep fat fryer to 170C and whilst its heating mix the icing sugar/water to a loose paste.
  15. Gently/Carefully lift the YumYums one at a time into the fryer (2 side by side)
  16. Fry until a golden brown on the underside then flip and cook the other side.
  17. Remove and place onto paper towels and add the next two YumYums.
  18. Whilst they are cooking brush the still hot YumYums all over with the icing mix and place on a tray/rack to cool.

Serving suggestions

Eat 'em whilst still warm. <Insert Homer Simpson drooling sound>

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Chef's notes

Its worthwhile giving the longer times for the rest period on the dough in particular the overnight rest after you've first mixed the dough, it will allow the flavour to develop. I also used 70/30 white/wholemeal flour for the recipe, I think its adds more flavour. Next time I make these I'll snap some more pictures of the intermediate stages and add them to the recipe, definitely want to make these again, so yummy.

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