Tomato chutney

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Janet Potton, our local horticultural expert, plant stall holder [Potton's Pots and Pickles to me], dog-walker and close neighbour, also has pickles and preserves for sale from time to time.

I tried her tomato pickle last year and found it to be excellent so I asked her for the recipe. She kindly obliged; so here it is!

Tomato chutney
Lovely tomato chutney, one year on!
Calories per serving:113
Ready in:2 hours, 15 minutes
Prep. time:15 minutes
Cook time:2 hours
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:16th June 2020

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best after a year


..but it's worth the wait. 😋

Jerry, aka Chef

Janet's recipe from years gone by.


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  1. Put the pickling spices in a piece of muslin
  2. Put the sliced onions in a pan with 2 or 3 tablespoons of the malt vinegar and simmer until nearly soft
  3. Add the peeled chopped apples, skinned sliced tomatoes, spices, salt, and sultanas. Simmer until the mixture is quite soft, stirring from time-to-time.
  4. Once soft, add the sugar and remaining vinegar, increase the heat to dissolve the sugar and boil until the mixture has a jammy consistency.
  5. Remove the muslin bag, pour into warm sterilised pots and seal immediately.
  6. Store for one year before using.

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Green tomatoes can be used instead of ripe tomatoes, they will just take longer to soften.

Chef's notes

I made this pickle a year ago and tried it immediately. Big mistake. I thought it was unpleasant so did not add the recipe to Cookipedia. I kept the jars of pickle and when I tasted it after it had matured for a year, it was delicious.

Popping the Kilner jars into a dishwasher cleans and sterilises them, and if your timing is good, they will be warm and ready for the pickling process.

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