Tarte Bourdaloue

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Tarte Bourdaloue
Tarte Bourdaloue

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Servings:Serves 6
Calories per serving:578
Ready in:1 hour 30 minutes
Prep. time:30 minutes
Cook time:1 hour
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:28th November 2016

This is a French pear and almond tart which was first created by a pastry chef of the Rue Bourdaloue in Paris


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For the Pastry

For the Stock Syrup

For the Almond Cream

To finish


For the Pastry

  1. Rub the butter into the flour to form breadcrumbs’.
  2. Mix the egg and sugar together in a separate bowl and add to the flour and butter.
  3. Mix to form a dough, wrap in foil or cling film, then refrigerate.

For the stock Syrup

  1. Bring the sugar and water to the boil in a saucepan.
  2. Add the lemon juice and place the pears into the stock, cover with greaseproof paper (make a cartouche) and simmer until tender.
  3. Cool the pears, cut in half (from top to bottom) and fan them with a knife. You can cut them in half again to make 8 pieces (which is what I did), but I found it easier to put 6 fans on the tart and just eat the 2 that were left over. 8 pieces can be rather fiddly!

For the Almond Cream

  1. Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy.
  2. Gradually add the egg, the mix in the flour, ground almonds and almond extract.

To assemble

  1. Roll out the pastry and line a greased flan tin with it [use a 20cm (8in) or 23cm (9in) tin] depends on the length of your pears, as they need to fit from the edge of the pastry case to the centre of the tart.
  2. Carefully spread the almond cream into the pastry case, and then place pears on top and lightly press them down.
  3. Bake at 180C / Gas 4 until golden brown.
  4. Allow to cool slightly, and then glaze with hot apricot jam.

Serving suggestions

Serve hot with Crème Anglaise

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