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What a great picture! I would like to set up a page just briefly describing the books of grandmother which she must have bought not long she was married or maybe they came with a new cooker. This would save me the hassle of adding a description to every recipe from them - maybe I could just a link or something. Do I use a blank redirect for this? --JuliaBalbilla 05:51, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

Use a template if it's something that will be often used and included in lots of pages (I feel another help page coming on!) This enables the content of a template to be transcluded into the page (and position) that the template link is in. take a look at Chinese recipes for instance. In there you will see a template used. The template could even include an image. However, if you need a separate page, then create the page as you would a recipe. Don't put it in any category for now and just link to that page from any article, though I think it's the template you need.

{{Ideas and inspiration}}

Type ''Template:Ideas and inspiration'' to edit the text that is transcluded

To create a new template called Grandmother's books,
 enter Template:Grandmother's books, add the text to that page and use
 {{Grandmother's books}} in any article where you want that text to display. 

Capitalisation is important because the template names must match exactly.

I am not sure that is a template I am after. I just had this idea for a single page giving brief details of any vintage books that anyone takes recipes from - a sort of book gazetteer that people can add books to. Then when people add a recipe that comes from one of the books, a link could be included from the recipe page to the appropriate book in the "gazetteer". Does this sound complicated? I am a total nit-wit when it comes to knowing who easy or difficult it is to set things up. My Cuban cookery book arrived today. The author got some of the recipes from the brother of Fidel Castro. BTW I have a taken picture of Sopa de Gato de Cádiz. I made some this morning for breakfast. Needs much more garlic! --JuliaBalbilla 12:47, 7 January 2009 (UTC)