Capitalisation is important

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The capitalisation of a page name is important.

  • Bearing the following in mind, please use the standard rules of English when capitalising a page name. Only use upper case letters for the start of a page name and for proper nouns. Please do not use CamelCase or variants thereof. eg: naming this page Capitalisation Is Important is wrong and evil!
  • When creating page names, The Wiki will always capitalise the first letter of a page name and substitute single or contiguous spaces for one underscore.
    • Enter new page into the search box and click Go, if no page exists called New page, provided you are logged in, the Wiki will begin editing a page New page. It won't create a page called new page.
  • When creating an internal link on a WIki content page, the Wiki will assume you have the first letter capitalised, even if you have added the link as all lowercase.


Assuming a page called Chicken vindaloo exists, the following would all be valid links to that page:

[[Chicken vindaloo]]
[[chicken vindaloo]]
The link [[Chicken Vindaloo]] will not link to the page we expect because of the uppercase V.
It will instead link to a new page that has not yet been written.

This is why capitalisation is important!

There is more help here if you need it.

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