Raţă cu castraveţi (Duck with cucumbers)

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Raţă cu castraveţi (Duck with cucumbers)
Raţă cu castraveţi (Duck with cucumbers)
Raţă cu castraveţi with Bulz ciobanesc
Servings:Serves 2
Calories per serving:253
Ready in:1 hour 5 minutes
Prep. time:15 minutes
Cook time:50 minutes
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:1st February 2013

An unusual way with duck from Romania.

I have amended the quantities for 2 people, the original recipe can be found here. Joint the duck crown to remove the breasts and trim some of the skin so it's not too fatty. I included the carcass in the procedure just to add more flavour. There is not much meat on it but it might make some picking for sandwiches later!

I used vegetable stock in this version to give more flavour. Although I have plenty of fresh marjoram I used dried oregano as I don't find the fresh herb imparts much flavour.

This recipe was delicious and the duck was superbly tender, even after cooking for 40 minutes. Not a bit greasy either.


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  1. Rub the seasoning and marjoram into each duck piece.
  2. Heat half of the oil in a large saucepan or casserole, until slightly smoking.
  3. Add the duck pieces and the carcass until they are lightly browned on all sides.
  4. Add the water, cover and simmer for 40 minutes, turning now and then until the duck pieces are tender.
  5. Heat the remaining oil in a frying pan and sauté the onions until they are soft.
  6. Add them and the grated cucumber to the duck about 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

Serving suggestions

Serve with Bulz ciobanesc, now there's another story!

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