Presunto de Barroso (Barroso ham)

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Presunto de Barroso

IGP Presunto de Barroso is a Portuguese ham obtained from the leg of pigs slaughtered between 16 and 18 months.

Geographical area

Restricted to the subdistricts of Boticas, Chave and Montalegre in the district of Vila Real.


Established through use, particularly due to references made by João Martins Rodrigo in his monography 0 Presunto e o Fumeiro em Barroso ["Salted and Smoked Ham in Barroso"] published by the Municipal Council of Montalegre.

Method of production

The pigs used for Presunto de Barroso are between 16 and 18 months old, the male pigs being castrated at two months old. The ham is made from the leg which is dry salted and hand massaged, cured in salt for between two and four weeks and covered in olive oil seasoned with paprika. Finally it is smoked over oak wood for approximately two weeks.


In view of the edaphological-climatic conditions of the region, the keeping of pigs is carried out extensively, their feed consisting of natural products which, together with the special techniques of preparation, give this ham particular and distinctive organoleptic characteristics.


Presunto de Barroso IGP must be stored in a cool place. The lower the temperature at which it is kept the better its fine qualities will be preserved, particularly if it is already cut or sliced. It is best kept at a temperature of no more than 10-12°C. Presunto de Barroso IGP is sliced horizontally. It is an ideal accompaniment to an aperitif or eaten with a good melon as an excellent starter.

Reference: The European Commission