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A pint of Guinness

Regarding culinary use, Beer or ale can refer to:

  • Bitter; As you would expect, a slightly bitter flavour
    • Good with beef
  • Budweiser; Similar to a lager
    • Good with pork and chicken
  • Brown ale; Similar to Guinness
    • Good with beef
  • Cider; Apple flavours, slightly tart or sweet, depending on the type
    • Good with pork, beef
  • Guinness; Bitter and nutty
    • Good with beef
  • Lager; The weakest flavour of all (in cooking terms)
    • Good with most meats
  • Mild; Similar to Brown ale, though weaker
    • Good with beef
  • Newcastle brown ale; Similar to Guinness
    • Good with beef
  • Stout; Similar to Guinness
    • Good with beef

In most recipes these are relatively interchangeable. Substituting one for another will change the flavour slightly but will probably work ok.

Meat especially is tenderised by cooking in ale, normally the longer the better.

Lager is good to bulk up a stock and because it does not have a very strong flavour so is less likely to overpower a dish.

Be bold, experiment!

Marinating steak in beer can reduce cancer risk

Marinating steak in beer before barbecuing can reduce the risk of cancer because beer reduces the creation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, found in grilled food, these hydrocarbons are linked to colorectal cancer. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 8th March 2014

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