Gedünstetes Schöps (Stewed mutton)

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Gedünstetes Schöps (Stewed mutton)
Gedünstetes Schöps (Stewed mutton)

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Servings:Serves 4
Calories per serving:922
Ready in:3 hours 25 minutes
Prep. time:25 minutes
Cook time:3 hours
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:19th January 2013
This dish went admirably with pasta

Stewed mutton from the Wachau.


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Mise en place

  • Warm a serving dish.


  1. Melt some fat in a large pan and sauté the vegetables until the onion is soft, but not browned.
  2. Add th sugar and stir until it begins to change colour.
  3. Add the bay leaf, spices and the mutton, with enough stock to cover.
  4. Simmer until the meat is cooked.
  5. Remove the mutton from the pan and keep warm in a serving dish.
  6. Mix the cream, red wine and flour and stir onto the sauce. Bring to the boil, remove from heat and blend using a stick blender, liquidiser or food processor. Alternatively it can be passed through a sieve.
  7. Pour over the meat.

Serving suggestions

Serve with semolina dumplings and vegetables.


You could try this with other types of red meat.

Peeling ginger

There is no need to peel ginger. As a result of attending a Thai cookery demo, we have learnt that peeling ginger is unnecessary unless for aesthetic purposes as the skin is high in fibre and full of flavour. However, do remove any bits that have become tough or woody.

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