Deep fried chicken in lemon sauce

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Lemon sauce is a perfect combination for this dish and although it is Chinese in origin, it works with virtually any other cuisine.

If you are bothered by deep-frying, then just pan fry the chicken instead.

Deep fried chicken in lemon sauce
Servings:Serves 4
Calories per serving:245
Ready in:25 minutes
Prep. time:10 minutes
Cook time:15 minutes
Difficulty:Average difficulty
Recipe author:Chef
First published:23rd October 2012

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Lovely and lemony


As good as any takeaway.

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  1. Slice the chicken into thin slices, width-wise
  2. In a small bowl, whisk ½ a teaspoons of sea salt, 1 tablespoon of cornflour, 1 tablespoon chicken stock and the egg yolk so you have a marinade
  3. Add the chicken pieces, stir and refrigerate for 15 minutes
  4. Heat the oil for deep frying so that a cube of bread sizzles within 10 seconds
  5. Add the chicken in small batches and fry until golden brown
  6. Remove and drain on kitchen paper
  7. In a pan or wok, mix the sauce ingredients: honey, lemon zest and juice, ½ teaspoon sea salt, sesame oil, 1 tablespoon cornflour and the remaining stock
  8. Heat the sauce gently and stir until it thickens
  9. Add the chicken pieces back into the sauce and blend well

Serving suggestions

Serve with Special fried rice

Chef's notes

After making this many times, I prefer to serve the sauce as a side-dish rather than mix it up with the fried chicken as the batter tends to go soft.

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