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[[Image:Teesdale Brie cheese.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Teesdale Brie cheese]]
[[Image:Teesdale Brie cheese.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Teesdale Brie cheese]]
* Semi soft brie cheese made by [https://twitter.com/allisonagius Allison Raper], [http://www.teesdalecheesemakers.co.uk/ Teesdale cheesemakers]
* Semi soft brie cheese made by [https://twitter.com/allisonagius Allison Raper], [[Teesdale Cheesemakers]]
====Cheese group====
====Cheese group====

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Teesdale Brie cheese - General information

Teesdale Brie cheese


Cheese group

A Handmade cow’s cheese


Our Farmhouse Brie is a representation of our region. We don’t use cultures to create the usual white coat. Instead our cheese develops a natural rind influenced by the flora and fauna of Teesdale, making this a unique cheese with an interesting new look.

Milk type

Aroma and taste

  • Mild and creamy

Shape, weight and size

  • 100g- 125g
  • 200-300g
  • 900-1100g

International reputation

  • Launched in Autumn 2017

Cheese producer

Allison Raper,
Garden House
Barnard Castle
Dl12 9RZ
Tel: 0833 637732
Email: allison@teesdalecheesemakers.co.uk
Twitter: Allison Raper

Where to buy