Judías de El Barco de Ávila

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Judías de El Barco de Ávila

Judías de El Barco de Ávila are Spanish IGP beans.


Dried beans of varieties "white round", "white kidney", "purple long", "purple round", "arrocina", "planchada" and "judión de Barco". Packaged, "Extra" and "Class I" categories.

Geographical area:

A group of municipalities making up the district of El Barco de Ávila in southwestern Ávila province, plus one neighbouring municipality in Salamanca province.


Beans of the authorised varieties, cultivated on registered holdings; threshing, cleaning and selection under Regulating Body control; packaged in registered factories within the production area.

Method of production:

Beans of the authorised varieties, dried, cleaned, selected, classified and packaged at origin.


Light, well-formed, well-drained soils low in calcium carbonate and slightly acid, good quality water, and cultivat

Reference: The European Commission

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