How long to cook rotisserie chicken

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Rotisserie chicken

We have a Smeg oven with a rotisserie attachment and it's great for cooking rotisserie chicken.

  • Stuff the bird with available fresh herbs and an unpeeled onion, quartered.
  • Mix a teaspoon of sea salt with a tablespoon of garlic olive oil.
  • Dry the skin with a tea-towel and rub the olive oil into the skin.
  • A 1.5kg bird cooks in 1 hour 15 minutes on the rotisserie setting (grill: 250 C / 475° F)

It's an idea to place an oven tray with an inch of water under the bird to prevent dripping fat from burning.

Note: It was great until the rotisserie motor bearing seized-up a year later. However, since that happened, we've discovered a far better way to cook chicken; the Beer can chicken method. It produces a moist chicken with crispy skin and is better than any rotisserie anyway!

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