Jaccard meat tenderiser being used on a rib-eye steak

What is the Jaccard meat tenderiser

The Jaccard meat tenderiser is a mechanical meat tenderiser that utilises a series of razor sharp knives to surgically cut the meat’s “connective tissue”, thereby making any cut of inexpensive meat as tender as a for more expensive cut.

  • Perfect for beef, chicken, pork, veal, turkey and game - readily penetrating flavour deeper into your favourite cuts.
  • Reduce cooking time by up to 40 percent, while helping meats to cook more evenly.
  • Improves yield and "plate coverage" by reducing shrinkage.
  • Tiny "heat channels" are created, resulting in faster penetration of marinades, providing more even cooking throughout the meat, and significantly reduced cooking times – all without changing the shape or appearance of your meat.

My first impression

When using the Jaccard meat tenderiser for the first time on a rib-eye steak, I was impressed that the action of pushing the tenderiser onto the meat has a similar effect to using a meat hammer in that it compressed and flattened the steak in addition to its intended task.

The the effect on the grilled rib-eye was rather good. It was definitely very tender. The steak almost had a 'mouthfeel' of a hamburger. Much nicer than tough chewy steak, though for a proper test, I guess blind testing is called for. Overall impression, very good.

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