J.M. Posner Belgian Waffle Maker

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J.M. Posner Belgian Waffle Maker - currently supplied with complimentary 1kg bag Luxury Belgian-style waffle mix

Electric waffle iron

J.M. Posner Belgian Waffle Maker showing cooked waffles

Manufacturers description

Easy to make, great tasting waffles, any time of day! Treat yourself, friends and family to deliciously tasty, Belgian waffles with our new home Waffle Maker complete with Luxury Belgian Waffle Mix. It's so simple they'll be ready to eat in just minutes! The Waffle Maker heats up quickly so you can just place the mixture onto the griddle and as soon as the green light turns off it's ready to cook. And with the non-stick surface the waffles are easy to remove and good to go. It's simple to clean and easy to store with its' compact design, giving you hassle-free, delicious waffles in no time!

Best customer review Amazon.co.uk

"I was nervous about ordering this product as it hadn't been reviewed. I knew i wanted a deep waffle style maker and this is brilliant. When i first opened it i was worried that the top seemed quite loose and it doesn't have a catch to keep it closed? However when making my second batch of waffles i did over fill it and it just lifts slightly so the mixture didn't ooze all down the sides! I am still using my free bag of mix but plan to make my own after. The mix is lovely this makes light fluffy waffles and the machine is so easy to use and def. nonstick which is a bonus! I'm going to try freezing a few batches and can't wait to try some different flavours. i would def. recommend this machine it is quite compact but makes good size waffles."

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  • Weight unboxed, less than 4 kg
  • Non-stick, easy clean waffle irons
  • currently supplied with complimentary 1kg bag Luxury Belgian-style waffle mix
  • Compact size

Which heat settings to use

For normal use, set the heat control to medium
For crispier waffles, et the heat control to maximum
To reheat pre-made waffles set the heat control to low

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