Cucumber pickle

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Growing cucumbers at home and got lots of them waiting for a recipe or two? Try this simple fresh pickle, a great accompaniment to fish.

It is really for immediate consumption, though it should keep for a few weeks if stored in a cool, dark place.

Cucumber pickle
Servings:Servings: 10 - Makes 1 medium jar of cucumber pickle
Calories per serving:14
Ready in:5 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:Chef
First published:24th December 2012

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Nice, and pretty


Pretty nice, is all I can add.

Paul R Smith

You don't need them as thin as this, but you get the idea


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  1. Using a speed peeler, shave strips of skin off the cucumber to leave a nice pattern
  2. Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and with a teaspoon, scoop out the seeds and discard them
  3. Cut into 1 cm slices
  4. Add the pickle ingredients to a bowl and mix well
  5. Place the cucumber slices in a Lock and Lock box and pour over the marinade
  6. Shake now and then to mix


Try different vinegars such as:

Peeling ginger

There is no need to peel ginger. As a result of attending a Thai cookery demo, we have learnt that peeling ginger is unnecessary unless for aesthetic purposes as the skin is high in fibre and full of flavour. However, do remove any bits that have become tough or woody.

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