Creamy seafood in lettuce wraps

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Creamy seafood in lettuce wraps
Creamy seafood in lettuce wraps

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Servings:Serves 2 as a main course or 4 as a starter
Calories per serving:456
Ready in:5 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:Chef
First published:12th October 2014

The idea for this recipe came from a seafood sauce made by The Barefoot Contessa, however, her sauce used double cream! I wanted this to be healthy. Using lettuce leaves for the wrap makes for a lovely fresh crunchy taste and texture.

We had this as a main meal, but it would be great as a 'serve yourself' tapa or starter.


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  1. Add the yogurt to a bowl
  2. Give it a grind of black pepper and add the lemon juice and zest and mix well
  3. Remove the skin from the mackerel and flake into bite-size pieces, checking for bones as you go
  4. Stir in the prawns and mackerel
  5. Break the iceberg lettuce into 'cups'
  6. Add a tablespoon of the creamy seafood to each lettuce leaf, roll it up and eat

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