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I first spotted Julia's work when I used her Creative Commons picture of wild rice on our rice page. It was only a little later, browsing her Flickr cookery pictures after she left a nice comment about Cookipedia, that I realised the extent and variety of her work. Some of the step-by-step picture sets are the most detailed I have ever seen - take her 25 photo set for chicken & dumplings as an example. Each picture set is then backed up by the recipe in detail on the related blog entry. The blog is packed full of interesting recipes, just the kind of things we love to cook. Julia has very kindly given Cookipedia permission to reproduce some of those recipes here. I can't wait to start adding them!

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  • Gender: Female
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Location: Birmingham : Alabama : United States

"Growing up Asian in the Deep South, I grew up eating home-cooked meals, from chawanmushi to collard greens, miso soup to mashed potatoes. So many people my age do not know how to cook, and are too intimidated to even try. I'm here to show you that it's much easier than you ever thought."

Websites - no longer active [March 2017]

  • Julia's cookery blog
  • Julia's cookery sets on Flickr