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Cancoillotte cheese

Cancoillotte or Cancoyotte is a runny French cheese made principally in Franche-Comté, but also Lorraine and Luxembourg, where it is also called Kachkéis (cook-cheese). It is a typical cheese in Franc-Comtois gastronomy and is made from cows' milk. It is eaten all year around, served cold or hot.

Cancoillotte is typically sold in weights averaging 200 grams. The cheese appeared no later than the 16th century. The name is attested since the 19th century, from "coille", derived from cailler (to curdle), referring to milk left after cream extraction (resulting in a lower fat content). The cheese is typically served melted over a small flame, with a little water or milk before salt or butter is added. Sometimes garlic is added as well. Cancoillotte is good melted with lots of butter. Recently there are commercial versions with wine, cumin or other additions.

Cancoillotte is sold pre-melted in supermarkets, especially in the east of France. In Luxembourg, Kachkéis is usually eaten on an open sandwich on which mustard has been smeared as well.

Calories in different varieties and various types of cheeses

The number of calories in various types of cheese is very similar when you compare your cheese to a similar types of cheese.

For example, almost cheeses that are similar to Cheddar cheese have around 400 calories per 100g

If the Cancoillotte cheese is not listed below, select a similar type of cheese from the list below to get a rough idea for the number of calories in Cancoillotte cheese.

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Cheese type Calories per 100g
American cheese 371
Blue cheese 353
Camembert cheese 299
Cheddar cheese 402
Cottage cheese 98
Edam cheese 357
Farmer's cheese 98
Feta cheese 264
Fontina cheese 389
Goat cheese 364
Gouda cheese 356
Gruyere cheese 413
Mozzarella cheese 280
Parmesan cheese 431
Pimento cheese 375
Provolone cheese 352
Queso blanco cheese 310
Ricotta cheese 174
Roquefort cheese 369
Swiss cheese 380

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