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[[Category:Molecular gastronomy]]
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[[Category:Molecular gastronomy tools]]
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Cleaning a Jaccard meat tenderiser

Jaccard meat tenderiser dismantled into its component pieces
Slide the blue badge to the left and press the tenderiser down to release the cutting mechanism
Slide the blade guide out to the right hand side

As soon as I opened my Jaccard meat tenderiser it seemed obvious that it came apart for cleaning, and the blue sliding badge was plainly part of the procedure but I couldn't seem to get it apart and I couldn't find any instructions enclosed. Anyway, it's easy once you know how!

Step by step

Do be careful when handling and dismantling a Jaccard meat tenderiser as its razor sharp blades could do horrendous damage if you are not careful.

Dismantling the Jaccard meat tenderiser:
  1. Slide the blue badge to the left hand side
  2. Press the Jaccard meat tenderizer down onto a chopping board to remove the cutting blades
  3. Slide the blade guard out to the right hand side
Reassembling the Jaccard meat tenderiser
  1. Carefully slide the cutting blade assembly back into the body of the tenderizer
  2. Slide the blade guard back into the body of the cutter being careful not to snag the blades

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