Warburtons crumpets are vacuum packed after a few days in the freezer

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Warburtons crumpets on day of purchase

To my mind, Warburtons crumpets are the very best crumpets that money can buy. They have a delicious softness that remains even after over-cooking, so you are left with soft-centre and a crunchy external. The only crumpet better that these are of course, my homemade crumpets.

I buy them on a weekly basis and freeze them, snapping off a few for breakfast each day.

I have noticed a very odd behaviour which occurs when these crumpets are frozen, unopened, which does not happen with any other product I've frozen, ever. After about a week, the packet shrinks as though it's been vacuum packed. The longer it's left unopened, whe more compacted it becomes. Initially I threw these compressed crumpets away, thinking that something nasty had happened. After some experiments, I've come to the conclusion that it must be a reaction to the crumpet itself that is causing the vacuum to occur.

Safe solution to this problem

Now I just make a tiny pinprick in the packaging and they no longer vac-pac themselves! They taste just as good once they are defrosted and toasted and no longer look manky.

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