Tomino del Talucco cheese

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Tomino del Talucco cheese

Region: Piemonte

Milk: Goat, mixed

Definition: Cheese fresh or aged.

Raw material: Goats' milk or a mix of cows' and goats' milk, rennet, salt.

Characteristics: The weight of each form is 50-100 g. The rind is nonexistent if the tomino is fresh, thin and hard if seasoned, with a reddish colour. Paste is elegant, soft and moist, chalk white. The taste is delicate and lactic for the fresh tominos; more intense and goaty in the aged forms.

Area of production: The slopes of Pinerolese, in the Province of Torino, particularly Talucco (district of Pinerolo) and St. Pietro Val Lemina.

History: Tomino means "little cheese" in local dialect language, while Talucco is the name of the commune where it is most produced.

Trading of the product: The Tomino of Talucco is available near the best cheese affineurs and cheesemongers in Torino, or is directly commercialised by the producers. Normally the producers are both shepherds and cheesemakers.

Techniques of production: Whole milk is heated to 90°C, and then cooled to 30-40°C. Liquid rennet is added in a measure of 10 ml per 100 litres of milk. After a rest of 10-15 minutes, the break-up of the curd is made with the skimmer. Then, there is another brief rest of 5-10 minutes and the curd is moved to the moulds. The tomino is then turned and salted. The product so gotten is consumed within one or two days. A typology of seasoned Tomino di Talucco also exists. The forms, removed by the moulds, are settled on rye straw and subsequently salted. The brief ageing lasts one or two weeks, during which cheeses are turned often. Sometimes at the end of seasoning pepper or the serpillo thyme (typical thyme growing in this region, flavour likelemon) is added.

Reference: Alpinet Gheep

Calories in different varieties and various types of cheeses

The number of calories in various types of cheese is very similar when you compare your cheese to a similar types of cheese.

For example, almost cheeses that are similar to Cheddar cheese have around 400 calories per 100g

If the Tomino del Talucco cheese is not listed below, select a similar type of cheese from the list below to get a rough idea for the number of calories in Tomino del Talucco cheese.

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Cheese type Calories per 100g
American cheese 371
Blue cheese 353
Camembert cheese 299
Cheddar cheese 402
Cottage cheese 98
Edam cheese 357
Farmer's cheese 98
Feta cheese 264
Fontina cheese 389
Goat cheese 364
Gouda cheese 356
Gruyere cheese 413
Mozzarella cheese 280
Parmesan cheese 431
Pimento cheese 375
Provolone cheese 352
Queso blanco cheese 310
Ricotta cheese 174
Roquefort cheese 369
Swiss cheese 380

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