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Interesting that you brought one of those. I used to have a Krups espresso machine when I was in Ipswich, but water is so hard there that it got clogged up with limescale and stopped working - my fault! I am not sure about coffee pod machines. I presume you are restricted to one make of coffee? I only have about 1 cup a month, so not worth it for me really. BUT as a gadget person, I would like one that grinds beans as well as making the coffee --JuliaBalbilla 11:15, 13 February 2010 (GMT)

Yes, you are bound to one manufacturer :-(

I had the Magimix coffee maker which ground the beans and made coffee espresso-style. Made brilliant coffee but was hopelessly unreliable. Was returned twice under warranty and I repaired it personally about 5 times [very complex job to strip one of those down - beyond the capabilities of most mortals]. Its a design fault. Odd beans and grounds find their way into the mechanics and jam it up.

I then replaced it with the Cusinart drip-type coffee maker, which ground the beans but made pretty naff coffee.

If I had bought a pod-type coffee maker at the start (they were around when I bought the Magimix), I would have saved myself lots of money (and kitchen space).

Re hard water, our water is awful here. If I am feeling flush, I buy bottled water and make the coffee from that, the difference in taste is incredible, and even in appearance, the bottled water coffee comes out foamy. Chef 11:38, 13 February 2010 (GMT)

Spare part?

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