Salsa de Vino y Mandarina (Wine and Mandarin Sauce) (TM)

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Salsa de Vino y Mandarina (Wine and Mandarin Sauce) (TM)
Salsa de Vino y Mandarina (Wine and Mandarin Sauce) (TM)

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Made in my Thermie

The new Thermomix TM5 (2014)
Servings:Servings: 14 - Makes 400 ml
Calories per serving:42
Ready in:50 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:45 minutes
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:12th April 2013

This is a translation of a recipe in Salsas y AliƱos con Thermomix (Susaeta Ediciones)


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  1. Squeeze the juice from the mandarins and reserve.
  2. Add the wine to the bowl and program 20 minutes / Temp. Varoma / Speed 2.
  3. Check that the wine has reduced by about half. If it hasn't, reduce for a further 10 minutes or until it has done so.
  4. Add the cream, the mandarin juice, the salt and pepper.
  5. Program 15 minutes / Temp. Varoma.

Serving suggestions

This sauce is exquisite for accompanying duck liver, goose, turkey, chicken or pork. Also it can be used to decorate dishes.

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