Mary Rose sauce

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Mary Rose sauce
Mary Rose sauce
Prawn cocktail with Mary Rose sauce
Servings:Serves 2
Calories per serving:352
Ready in:5 minutes
Prep. time:5 minutes
Cook time:None
Recipe author:Chef
First published:22nd October 2012

This recipe and the picture come to Cookipedia courtesy of User:Robin. I thought it would be useful the have the Mary Rose sauce as a dip recipe in its own right so I have separated it from the original recipe.

Mary Rose sauce


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Mary Rose sauce

  1. Mix the creme fraiche and mayonnaise together and add a little tomato ketchup just to colour the sauce
  2. Add a few drops Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, lemon juice, a splash of whisky or brandy and season to taste with salt and pepper

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