Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce

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I discovered Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce, a wonderful chili sauce, from visiting the excellent OK Diner chain where it is provided as a standard condiment.

Ok Diners are a series of 1950's American Diner clones that can be found in the UK. Great food and a reasonable facsimile of the real thing. Definitely worth passing a McDonald's or two to get to. Quite a bit more expensive but in this world you get what you pay for. Eight outlets in the UK according to their website, (warning: annoying rock'n'roll music that cannot be turned off - why do websites do this, it's no longer 1995?)

Anyway back the the reason for this page, Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce; It's a little like Tabasco, very liquid, applied by drops, not as fierce but has a complex flavour with a nice vinegar hit.

This is not an advert, it's here because I love the sauce!


I've managed to get this sauce from Amazon.co.uk

If you enjoy this sauce, why not try our Louisiana Hot Pepper Sauce recipe?.

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