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La Sabrosa Continental's impressive cheese stall at Bexley Farmers' market
Cutting the cheese!

La Sabrosa Continental; specialist cheese suppliers

We first noticed La Sabrosa Continental at Hall Place Farmer's market, Bexley, a very local market for us. The market is held on the first Sunday of every month in the visitor's centre of the glorious Tudor house and gardens.

They had a very impressive range of cheeses, British and continental. My eye was first drawn to a huge quadrant of Black bomber cheese, cut from a 3 kg wheel. That now resides in our fridge!

They can provide specialist cheeses for special events and also carry a good range of English hand raised pies and even give tips on how to cook them.

Stall at local farmers' markets

I will shortly attempt to include all of the local markets they attend, but for now they can be found regularly at:

Hall Place Sunday market, Hall Place, Bexley, Kent, DA5 1PQ on the first Sunday of every month.


  • Antonio Portillo


  • Antonio Portillo: 07914756697
  • Rosa Perez: 07947678411


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