How to edit an article

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For article, read 'recipe', 'ingredient', 'cooking method', 'supplier recommendation', etc..

If you want to discuss a potential change to a page that you are unsure of or that you feel might be controversial, every Cookipedia page has a related discuss here page precisely for that purpose.

There is more detailed help if you want to create an article; however, if you just want to know how to simply edit an article, the procedure is:

  • register or log back in
  • Select and view the article you wish to edit
  • Click the edit tab, which will only be available if you are logged in
  • Make your changes
  • Enter the reason for your edit in the summary box as a courtesy to other users, especially if you are altering content
  • Click the Show preview tab and check that the changes are exactly as you expect them to be
  • 'Rinse-and-repeat' until satisfied with your changes, then click Save page
  • You have now edited your first article

In order to edit an article, you must be registered on Cookipedia. We have no interest in your personal data - this is purely to prevent site vandalism.

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