Gold Top milk

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Gold Top milk

Gold Top is unique in that the milk comes exclusively from pedigree herds of Jersey & Guernsey cows – frequently referred to by the dairy trade as "Channel Islands milk".

Known as 'the champagne of milk', Gold Top used to be delivered to doorsteps but can now be found in most supermarkets. The milk is owned and produced by Quality Milk Producers, a cooperative of 400 British farmers who keep Jersey and Guernsey herds.

Unlike most other milks, it is only pasteurised, so its golden cream rises to the top when stood in the fridge overnight. And because Jersey and Guernsey herds are bred to produce protein-rich, creamy milk, it adds sumptuous richness in cooking and can be used in place of cream in many dishes. The milk is ideal in sauces, soups, custard, baking and ice cream and makes the best tasting porridge and coffees.

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