Fondue Neufchâtel

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This is the traditional Swiss fondue and is absolutely delicious.

the fondue

Fondue Neufchâtel
The uncooked fondue
Servings:Serves 4
Calories per serving:839
Ready in:30 minutes
Prep. time:15 minutes
Cook time:15 minutes
Recipe author:JuliaBalbilla
First published:25th May 2013

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Or even just use rosé


Made with ONLY rosé wine and it was fab. No kirsch



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  1. In a fondue pot, mix the cheeses, flour, garlic and then the wine.
  2. Heat at a lowish temperature to start with, continuously stirring the mixture in a figure-of-eight.
  3. Gradually increase the heat until the mixture has melted and is bubbling.
  4. Keep stirring, add the Kirsch, pepper and nutmeg then reduce the heat to very low.
  5. It should be kept on a gentle heat whilst it is being eaten.

Serving suggestions

Serve with cubes of French bread and give each person a long fork with which to stab the bread and dip into the cheese.


Savoury fondues can be made with all sorts of cheese and alcohol. However, they must include cheese - some recipes which are called fondues are not, eg one where you dip pieces of meat into hot oil.

The word 'fondue' means melted. Cheese melts, oil does not.

When choosing alternative cheeses, include at least one which has good melting properties or a 'stringy' cheese combined with a harder one.

Although fondue is uncommon in Spain, I have thought about making a Spanish version. Substitute Tetilla for the Emmental cheese and Mahón-Menorca for the Gruyère. Use Asturian cider instead of wine and dry sherry instead of kirsch.

Chef's notes

Ideally, you need a fondue set to create this dish as it needs to be brought to the table and kept warm. However, it is possible to make this in a saucepan and keep it warm in a bowl on a table-top food warmer.

You must constantly stir the fondue or the wine will separate from the cheese, leaving you with a gooey mess.

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