Cod in white wine with fennel and garlic

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This recipe needs advance preparation!

Cod in white wine with fennel and garlic
Cod in white wine with fennel and garlic

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Loved the black spagheti


Reviewing this eight years later I had forgotten how good the black spaghetti was.

This was very nice but unfortunately I reduced the sauce too much.
Calories per serving:332
Ready in:1 day, 12 minutes
Prep. time:1 day, 6 minutes
Cook time:6 minutes
Recipe author:Chef
First published:8th April 2013
Marinate for 24 hours

This is my version of Espada vinho e alhos (Fish with wine and garlic). We don't drink white wine and had a gifted bottle sitting in the fridge awaiting a recipe idea. It would easily serve more people by just adding more fish.

I've added the fennel as it goes so well with fish (and garlic). Our parsley had yet to grow but we have a lawn of chives, hence the switch. it should be great with pasta. Pasta negra should make a great contrast to the finished dish if I can find some.


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Mise en place

  • Place the fish in a bowl with all of the ingredients (except the flour) and marinate for up to 24 hours.


  1. Drain the fish, reserving the marinade'
  2. Lightly dredge the cod fillets with the flour and shallow fry in hot oil on both sides until cooked.
  3. Boil the marinade in another pan at the same time until reduced by half.
  4. Thicken with a little cornflour if needed.
  5. Place the fish on a bed of spaghetti and pour over the marinade.

Serving suggestions

This goes very well with pasta, especially spaghetti.

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