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Bramblebee Farm Butchery & Catering Services

219 Outwell Road,
PE14 8BG
T: 07800 884571

Very highly recommended by Chef

Bramblebee Farms This is what they do!

We moved from Dartford, Kent to Upwell, Norfolk about a year ago now and one of the best surprises was discovering the multitude of very local suppliers, providing high quality locally produced foods. Our supermarket shopping is almost non-existent now! Without a shadow of doubt, Paul, Tracy & Bramblebee Farms was one of the finest discoveries!

Their home produces sausages, burgers and meat cuts are beyond words! However, when you see the environment that Paul's livestock are kept in, it is not so surprising. The Aberdeen Angus in the Welney wash is a perfect example.

About Bramblebee Farms

Smells like cider; these pigs will soon be drunk!

We butcher and process the Bramblebee range of products on site, including all meat joints, our own brand of bacon, MaCons, hams, burgers and sausages, which are available in over 10 flavours! Oh, and don’t forget the honey too! I'm also a keen beekeeper (the rest of the team are too scared though!)

Alongside all this, the farm contract and share some 75 acres of new and old orchards, planting apples and pears (Topfruits). There are three of us plus seasonal workers who run this side as well as dropping in and out to all over other parts of the farm as and when needed.

An Aquaponics system has been set up over the winter and we are hoping to deliver a small amount of salads, from green leaves and water crest and who knows what this space! Raggy the Polly man is working hard at it and is also looking at ethical ways of producing some of our pig feed using wheat grass and herbs for flavouring our meat.

The farm's Butchery is run by a small team, of which Tracy is the boss (and don't we know it!), then we have the rest of the team; Myself, (sometimes) Chris, Katrina, Kirsty and David, when needed, and don't forget Peter who comes in during harvest and Christmas to help us out in the busy season. This is run under the Bramblebee Farm Butchery and Catering Services Ltd and as the name suggests we also do catering including hog roasts, BBQs, events, weddings and more, just ask!

Ecologically friendly packaging

It feels so much nicer than plastic and polystyrene.

Paul has been paying attention to feedback from his customers and is moving towards much more ecologically sensible packaging. Paper is so much nicer than plastic, it even feels nice to hold. I usually vacuum seal anything I freeze. I can now vacuum seal Bramblebee's steaks as they arrive. Just pop the paper wrapped steaks inside the vacuum seal bag and seal them.

Free home delivery areas

  • Blue zone: Free delivery on orders over £15
  • Red zone: Free delivery on orders over £25

Meat Boxes and September Newsletter

Grass fed, wild grazed beef

Bramblebee Old Spot pork

Supporting local shows and stores

Non, nom, nom..


As you can see, I'm a bit of a fan. Don't forget, this is a proper butchers, not a supermarket. The livestock is well cared for, as is its environment. These guys will go the extra mile for you. As you'll see from their Facebook page, they are very accomodating. If you want something special, just ask. You won't be disappointed.


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