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This sauce is made in St. Lucia, but versions of it are available throughout the Caribbean. Green seasoning is used many different ways in Caribbean cooking, though its magical talents as a marinade are what draw most people to it. A grilled steak soaked overnight in this stuff yields an amazing spicy flavour that will put you right back in the region with one bite. I also like to use it to sauté beef cubes that I sometimes add to red beans and rice. Onion, garlic, thyme, salt, and vinegar are among the core ingredients found in green seasoning. Baron brand is chunkier than many other green seasonings, with bits of celery and onion plainly visible.

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Commonly used in Cuban & Caribbean recipes

Baron's Green Seasoning is a common ingredient in Cuban recipes, Jamaican recipes and Latin American recipes.


Baron's Green Seasoning can be purchased online from Cuban Cuisine UK: Baron Green Seasoning Sauce 3Pack (Worldwide deliveries)

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