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Telfal Actifry Genius Air Fryer - Amazon UK

Telfal Actifry Genius Air Fryer

This Air Fryer is our third Telfal AirFryer. We do use them an awful lot though I am afraid they are very expensive and not terribly reliable. The paddle breaks every few years and most of the plastic parts suffer from heat-fatigue over time, turning orange and crumbling away. Even so, they are a fabulous kitchen tool and almost invaluable. The paddle-type air fryer makes the best French fries using only tablespoon of olive oil.

We somehow managed to buy this from Amazon UK for only £159 [2nd January 2021] - three weeks later the same product, from the same suppliers is £259! I guess we were very lucky.

This model has many improvements over the early models, which just beeped at you when the cooking time expired. This model has 9 pre-selected cooking programs for specific food types enabling variations of time and temperature. The air-fryer also has manual settings which allow a cooking times from 1 minute to 60 minutes and temperature settings between 70°C and up to 220°C.

Usefully, the paddle from the previous models also fit this model, so keep the bits from you old model. The optional mesh basket from previous models also fits the Actifry Genius.

Review Summary

A good enough replacement for previous Tefal models, especially if you want to cook chips in an airfryer. It has far better programmable options, more confusing to operate, but something you'll probably get used to. Worth buying if you can get it for £160. If you have to pay more, I would consider a non-paddle-type of airfryer, such as the Pro Breeze AirFryer] - [£80 - march 2020]

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