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Stoko Kresto Kwick-Wipes® (resealable 10 pack & 70 towel pail

Amazing degreaser - kind to hands

We recently decided to clean all the (white) kitchen tiles, they had all accumulated that nasty greasy 'chip-shop' film that leaves your hands feeling grubby, rether nasty.

At first we tried Mr Muscle degreaser, which was hopeless, then CIF cleaner, then everything else in the cupboard. Nothing worked, so it looked like it would be a long day.

Then I remembered a 10 pack of Stoko Kresto Kwick-Wipes® (cleaning towels) that I used in the days when I repaired electrical equipment. Wow! What a difference. The grease came off like magic, and the towels lasted a long time and were effective, even when they looked disgusting. A drop of water on a tired towel would revive it.

We used rubber gloves whilst cleaning the kitchen with these, although as they are also advertised as a hand-cleaner/ hand-care product, this was probably not necessary.

In the end I decided to buy more from Stafford Industrial Supplies (S.I.S). There is a short tale here also, though it was quickly and happily resolved.

They have also proved very useful in cleaning a mucky cooker top, fridge front etc. A great product and a great supplier, highly recommended!

Prices - Jan 2014

  • Pail of 70 towels: £10.22 (£12.26 inc VAT) buy on line
  • Resealable pack of 10 Price: £1.67 (£2.00 inc VAT) buy on line
  • resealable pack of 100 towels: £10.22 (£12.26 inc VAT) buy on line

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