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Rump steak is a term used in describing cuts of beef. It may refer to:

  • A steak from the top half of an American-cut round steak primal
  • A British- or Australian-cut from the rump primal

American and British equivalencies

In the British and Commonwealth English, the "rump steak" is commonly called the "sirloin" in American English. On the other hand, British "sirloin" is called "porterhouse" by Americans


In the French cuisine

In the French cuisine vocabulary, the rump steak has been formerly called the culotte (literally, the 'trousers', the 'pants', but somewhere in the 20th century the French language definitely dropped the word culotte, replacing it by the English term "rump steak". Nowadays, the accepted correct spellings, in French, are rumsteak, rumsteck, romsteak or romsteck.


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