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PaellaWorld is one of the UK's leading suppliers of Paella Pans and Spanish Cookware as well as a wide range of Spanish Ingredients. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer reviews since the day that we opened for business. We supply thousands of customers in the UK and abroad from people who wish to cook Paella at home to commercial customers using our products across their business Nationwide. We train our staff to exceptional standards and they understand everything there is to know about Paella, the way it is cooked and the products you may need. Also we have a retired Chef in our ranks to help with any cooking questions you may have.

We have grown from a small family business to a larger company which imports all types of Authentic Paella Pans and Cookers which are manufactured in the Valencian region of Spain. We are constantly updated our website and product range to the requests of our customers so if you want to see something thats not on the site, drop us a line and we will see that we add it to our product range.

Dominic Green, Paella World

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction which sets us apart from the rest of the marketplace. You can ring us for information, product advice or if you prefer to place an order by phone as oppose to via the website. We don't employ high pressure selling tactics, or try and sell you things that you don't want or need. We try and sell our products at the best price we can and we reward loyalty with discount codes we send out on every parcel. We genuinely enjoy talking about all things Paella and pride ourselves on this.

Paella in the UK is a growing marketplace as well as Spanish food and ingredients in general. We are here to fulfill the UK's need for these products and provide a service that is first class to all our customers and caterers.

Geographic Location

Dominic Green
Paella World,
27 Lodge Lane,
S26 2BL


0114 2873891

Websites Lots of very useful information on this nicely laid-out site --Jerry, aka Chef (talk)


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