Kitchen string

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I think there will be enough kitchen string here to last my lifetime!
Stuffed pork fillet tied with kitchen string
Using cocktail sticks helps hold the fillet together while you tie it up.

Kitchen string, (cooking twine, butchers' cord, butchers' twine, butcher's string, cooking twine) is a thin food-grade string that is used to truss or tie joints of meat to prevent them falling apart while being cooked. It is especially useful for tying up meat that has been butterflied and stuffed. It is often used to tie-up bouquet garni.

Cotton is an ideal material as it should be able to withstand roasting and frying where man-made materials are likely to melt. Ideally it should be marked food-grade.

I use a reel of 50 year-old kite string as my kitchen string. Its not of food grade quality but it does an admirable job and I don't think it's likely to run-out in the near future!

Where can I buy kitchen string?

There are plenty of on line suppliers for kitchen string. If you are struggling to find one then try Googling for some of the alternative terms: cooking twine, butchers' cord, butchers' twine, butcher's string, cooking twine.

The best knot to tie kitchen twine single-handedly

After much experimenting, I have discovered the best knot to tie kitchen twine on your own is the Surgeons' knot.

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